Transporting Motorcycles to Europe

Type of Activity:     International Shipping and Customs Clearance

Operating Sector:     Maritime

Destination:     Italy, Spain

Country of Origin:     Israel

Usually motorcycles are shipped from abroad to Israel, but once a year, we transport them from Israel to Europe. We transport privately owned motorcycles that belong to a group of riders, who once a year take motorcycle trips all over Europe.
Each biker brings his motorcycle to a warehouse at the port. There the bikes are carefully affixed into a container so that they do not get damaged on the way. A crane lifts and places the container onto the ship, which transports the motorcycles to the destination port in Europe. At the destination port we handle the unloading of the container. Simultaneously, the bikers arrive on a flight to Europe to the destination port, where they pick up their motorcycles and go on their trip. Of course, at the end of the trip, we handle the return trip. The riders bring their motorcycles to the port where with care and attention they are placed and affixed in the container and sent back to Israel. There they unloaded from the container and handed back to the riders until next year

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Experience and Contacts

Years of experience and contacts that have led to the providing of effective service

Professionalism and Expertise

Over 40 years of experience in international shipping and customs clearance

Reliability and Service

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The Work Process

Customer request


Learning the client’s needs and matching expectations

Planning the shipping process


In order for the international dispatch to be efficient, reliable, quick and economical, one must begin by planning the dispatch manner, route and company, pricing, and picking the optimal route for the client.

International shipping


Dispatch via water, air and land is conducted according to the terms of the deal, while passing through customs escorted by the company’s agents, in various countries and while tracking to ensure it is on schedule

Customs clearance and arrival at destination


Upon the arrival of the goods, Multi Trans takes care of releasing them from customs and the chains of bureaucracy, to best classify them for the client. After being released from customs and in coordination with the client, the goods are transported to their destination.