About Us

MultiTrans Ltd.

Multitrans Ltd. specializes in international shipping and customs clearance. With over 40 years of experience behind it, the company provides an answer to every need, starting with efficient planning of the shipping process, which includes support in obtaining the documents and approvals, through the collection of the goods from the supplier, packaging and transportation in the country of origin, transfer at the customs of the country of origin and control of the shipment itself (by sea, air and land), and ending with arrival at the destination country, customs handling and transportation of the goods to their final destination.

The company has five branches in Israel, employs about 20 people, and carries out shipping to Israel and from Israel to dozens of countries around the world. Multitrans Ltd. was built with the aim of providing a systematic, thorough and comprehensive service. We make sure to give our customers efficient and smart solutions along with a family and dedicated attitude.

Amnon Avhar, Founder and Owner

Since 1981, Amnon Avhar has lived and breathed the world of international shipping. In 2005, after many years in which he managed branches of leading companies in the industry, Amnon founded "Multi trans Ltd.", with the aim of building an outstanding company for international shipping and customs brokerage whose goal is to provide services and solutions based on professional sharpness and uncompromising reliability. For this, Amnon chose people An excellent profession, joined over the years by his children, who grew up and were educated within the industry and became a second generation of couriers and customs agents.

Why Us

Experience and Contacts

With 42 years of experience behind it, the Multitrans company operates with high skill. The experience of the Multitrans team saves the company's customers costs, shortens their processes and saves them valuable time. The company's seniority in the industry brings with it branched relationships with many parties that enable customers to receive important knowledge, advice and guidance and a smart and creative solution to the various challenges during import and export.

Reliability and Impeccable Service

MultiTrans was created and built so that the customer's interest is at the center of its team's attention. Therefore, the company works as a professional, skilled, effective service mechanism, with full transparency. The company provides personal service to customers with a high level of availability, providing its customers with answers to any questions and requests they may have. The company's employees are constantly in the field and the entire process is transparent to the customer. Shipping and customs clearance is done with constant self-criticism and punctuality.

Professionalism, Classification Experts

The professionalism of MultiTrans is the result of extensive experience and striving for excellence. This means that shipping is done in a way that is best suited to each customer and the right mode of transportation. MultiTrans operates a team of classifiers with extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge whose job it is to classify the goods in a proper and wise manner that will enable the customs clearance process to proceed without unnecessary delays, thus minimizing customs costs and saving time and money for the customer

Family Oriented

MultiTrans is managed by a first and second generation of international forwarders and customs brokers who create a continuum of professional knowledge, stability and a long tradition of reliability and dedication to the customer. The company endows this treatment to its customers and treats them as part of the family. They are no longer a foreign "project" in a series of anonymous projects. The company team recognizes each customer personally, gives him personal attention, a high level of availability, and answers all questions and requests. Thanks to these values, the company's customers are loyal to it and choose to return to work with it again and again over many years

The Work Process

Customer request


Learning the client’s needs and matching expectations

Planning the shipping process


In order for the international dispatch to be efficient, reliable, quick and economical, one must begin by planning the dispatch manner, route and company, pricing, and picking the optimal route for the client.

International shipping


Dispatch via water, air and land is conducted according to the terms of the deal, while passing through customs escorted by the company’s agents, in various countries and while tracking to ensure it is on schedule

Customs clearance and arrival at destination


Upon the arrival of the goods, Multi Trans takes care of releasing them from customs and the chains of bureaucracy, to best classify them for the client. After being released from customs and in coordination with the client, the goods are transported to their destination.

Projects per Year
Branches in Israel